Enhanced Accountswitcher
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Enhanced Account Switcher

Attach and switch user accounts.

What's new in version 2?
  • MyBB 1.6 isn't supported anymore.
  • All html code was moved into templates (over 50 new templates were added) - no more editing php files for design customizations.
  • The Accountswitcher has got an own template group - edited templates can be reverted.
  • Unauthorized switch attempts are documented in the moderator log.
  • Attached accounts can be displayed in memberlist.
  • All open account lists in memberlist and postbits can be closed at once by doubleclicking outside the lists.
  • Every Account Switcher setting in ACP has a preview image.
  • The Plugin's template edits are inserted automatically when a new theme is added/imported.
  • Attached accounts can be displayed in a toggle sidebar.
  • Option to send PM's and/or alerts to old and new post author after author moderation by team members.
  • Mark scarcely used accounts as secondary
  • Username styles for shared and secondary accounts without changing user group
  • Avatars displayed on account list page
  • Display a profile field on accountlist page
  • MyAlerts 2.0 (dev. version from GitHub) integration
  • Display overall post count of attached accounts in postbit
  • Hide account in account lists
  • Share account with buddy list only
  • Plugin debug information
  • (NEW in v2.1.0) Manage attached accounts in ACP -> Users & Groups > Enhanced Account Switcher

  • Based on the Plugin: Account Switcher 1.0 by Harest
  • Backward compatible with Account Switcher plugin (you can upgrade without uninstalling the old plugin and losing your attached accounts)
  • Several existing user accounts can be attached to one account
  • Switch between linked accounts without having to log out and in
  • Permissions depending on user groups (Usergroup settings in ACP)
  • Use of MyBB's cache system
  • Switch user links are displayed in header
  • Several further functions can be (de)activated in ACP:
    • Switch user box can additionally be displayed next to the Send Post Button
    • Post author can be altered afterwards (between attached accounts)
    • Display of attached users in profile
    • Header notice if an attached user got a new PM
    • Apply away status of the master account to all attached users
    • Page accountlist.php shows all master accounts and their attached users
    • Switch accounts from dropdown box without page reload
    • Show accounts in postbit
    • Share account with all users
    • Sort accounts by user id or alphabetically
    • Accounts in header can also be displayed as dropdown list. The setting can be found in ACP.
    • Option for "Change post author to any other user by team members" added (MyBB 1.8.* only)


  • PHP8 compatibility improved
  • Bugfix for: Missing default avatar for logged in account in header
  • Bugfix for: Variable $postID not globalized
  • Bugfix for: SQL errors during install/uninstall with PostgreSQL
  • Language files updated
  • Option to display the profile field of attached accounts on the user profile page added
  • Bugfix for: Missing variable $thread when changing authors
  • Bugfix for: Error display when counting the master accounts in the User CP
  • Bugfix for: Redirecting to white page in User CP after registration if group has no permission to use the account switcher
  • Bugfix for: Multiple display of a master account with several existing master accounts
  • Bugfix for: Invalid username when attaching accounts
  • JavaScript updated for jQuery 3.* compatibility
  • Header dropdown menu updated
  • Added: Avatars in account list have own variables in templates
  • Bugfix: multipage templates in account list not cached.
  • 10 templates┬áchanged
  • Stylesheet accountswitcher.css updated

  • Sidebar function updated to work better with mobile devices
  • Template accountswitcher_sidebar updated
  • Stylesheet accountswitcher.css updated
  • Overall postcount function added for using it outside the postbit
  • Function adding for saving the agreement to the Terms of Use for attached accounts (if plugin "Terms of Use Agreement" >= v1.5 is installed)
  • Variable for labeling master accounts added
  • Several bugs and typos fixed

  • Bugfix for: Attached accounts in postbit, memberlist and show team not displayed for guests
  • Bugfix for: Display of incorrect and redundant time in alerts for PM's of attached accounts
  • Post number of all attached accounts moved to own template
  • Setting added for: Display attached accounts in Accountlist as cards next to each other under Master-Accounts
  • 8 new templates added
  • Several new classes in stylesheet accountswitcher.css added
  • New upgrade function to avoid losing the plugins template edits in some themes
  • Stylesheet accountswitcher.css addedAvatar size of attached accounts can now be set for every theme and every part of the forum individually with CSS classes
    (Users may have to refresh their browser cache (Ctrl+F5) after the update)
  • 1 template added (accountwitcher_accountlist_hidden)
  • 9 templates changed (Please search in ACP for these upgraded templates and revert/modify them if necessary)
    • accountswitcher_accountlist_attached
    • accountswitcher_accountlist_master
    • accountswitcher_avatar
    • accountswitcher_footer
    • accountswitcher_header
    • accountswitcher_header_dropdown
    • accountswitcher_header_dropdown_userbit
    • accountswitcher_profile_link
    • accountswitcher_sidebar_userbit
  • Display of attached accounts added for show team page
  • Bugfix for: Empty attached accounts box in guest postbit
  • Bugfix for: Sorting of master accounts in account list is not case insensitive
  • Language files updated

First Release.

  1. Upload the plugin to your forum root (ensuring the folder structure is followed).
    (For additional languages you have to upload the language files too.)
  2. Go to your "AdminCP Configuration - Plugins" and click "Install & Activate" behind "Enhanced Account Switcher"
  3. In Admin CP - Users & Groups - Groups" you first have to give permission for selected groups: "Edit Group - Miscellaneous", select "Can use Account Switcher?".
  4. In Admin CP - Configuration - Settings - Enhanced Account Switcher" you can activate/deactivate additional functions.
  5. All done.

  1. Upload the plugin to your forum root (ensuring the folder structure is followed) and overwrite the existing plugin files. For additional languages you have to upload new language files as well.
  2. Go to your "AdminCP - Plugins", click "Deactivate" behind "Enhanced Account Switcher" and click "Activate" afterwards.
  3. In Admin CP - Configuration - Settings - Enhanced Account Switcher" activate/deactivate additional functions.
  4. In ACP - Templates & Style - Templates - run Find Updated Templates. If there are any accountswitcher templates listed, revert them (and possibly reinsert your own code.)
  5. In ACP -> Templates & Style -> Themes -> *your theme* check if accountswitcher.css is up to date (you can compare it with the css in inc/plugins/accountswitcher/as_install.php lines 809-1039)
  6. All done


Enhanced Account Switcher plugin for MyBB
Copyright © Harest, 2011
Copyright © doylecc, 2012-2022
This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.See the GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, visit GNU General Public License for more information.
Version: 2.1.12 (Latest Update: 07-26-2022)
Downloads: 888

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